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Tool Change Spindle CNC Router 1325 Equipment ATC
Tool Change Spindle CNC Router 1325 Equipment ATC
Tool Change Spindle CNC Router 1325 Equipment ATC
Tool Change Spindle CNC Router 1325 Equipment ATC
Tool Change Spindle CNC Router 1325 Equipment ATC

Tool Change Spindle CNC Router 1325 Equipment ATC

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Incoterm: FOB,CIF
Minimum der Bestellmenge: 1 Set/Sets
Lieferzeit: 15 Tage


    Modell: UT-1325

    Zertifizierung: CE, ISO 9001

    Verwendung: Holzbearbeitung, Metall, Kunststoff, Werbung, Schimmel

    Strom: AC

    Leistung: Hohe Energie

    Steuern: CNC

    Laufwerkstyp: AC Servo Drive

    Machine Model: SOFIA-ATC

    Working Area: 1300*2500*200mm

    Spindle: 5.5/7.5/9 ATC Spindle(water/air Cooling)

    Motor And Driver: Delta 750w Motor And Driver

    Working Table: Vacuum+aluminum Profile T-slot Table(forklift Position)

    Control System: Weihong NK105G3 Controller

    Transmission Gear: Taiwan XINYUE 1.25M Gear Rack

    Transmission Guide Rail: Taiwan PMI Guide Rail

    Reducer: Japan SHIMPO 1:5/1:10 Reducer

    Working Voltage: AC380V 50/60HZ

Additional Info

    Verpakung: Plastic film packaging and Wooden case for SOFIA ATC UT-1325 CNC MACHINE.

    Produktivität: 100

    Marke: UTECH

    Transport: Ocean,Land

    Ort Von Zukunft: Jinan, Shandong, China

    Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 100

    Zertifikate : CE, ISO9001

    Hafen: Qingdao,Shanghai,Guangzhou


Tool Change Spindle CNC Router 1325 Equipment ATC

Product Description

Device Configuration:
High-precision water-cooled 7.5KW automatic tool change spindle with high power, low noise and low failure rate;
Taiwan famous brand AC servo motor with high accuracy;
Taiwan original linear guide, stable transmission, long life and high accuracy;
Original Taiwan precision helical gear, helical gear, high precision and fast speed;
Imported reducer, high precision, light sound, long machine tool life;
Automatic oil filling and automatic tool setting;
Using in-line tool magazine, 4-8 different woodworking tools can be installed (customers can customize it according to their own conditions), the tool changing time is only 8 seconds, and the tool changing speed is fast;
Heavy-duty pull-net structure bed, durable and not deformed.

Main Features:

1. After industry welding, quenching and tempering, the lathe bed is processed and formed by milling machining center. The processional grid structure ensures the bearing capacity, stability, rigidity and geometric accuracy of the bed.

2. Unique bakelite plate vacuum table and T-slot table can be sucked and clipped, with four to eight zones independent control.

3. In-line four to eight tool magazine is optional, standard automatic tool calibration.

4. Excellent CNC machining system with stable performance and simple operation, the operation can be independently completed without professional knowledge through simple training.

5. The high-precision metal water-cooled tool change spindle motor is subject to secondary dynamic balance precision detection to ensure machining accuracy.

6. Using a hollow vacuum suction table, it can suck different size plates.

7. Precision reducer with imported rack, small size, high torque capacity, low noise, high transmission accuracy.

8. We choose the tool change method pushed by the cylinder, which can complete the tool change within 8 seconds at the shortest, improving work efficiency.



Forklift Position
The setting of reserved forklift space has two advantages, on the one hand, to enhance the stability of the engraving machine on the one hand, and on the other hand, it plays a guiding and balancing role to facilitate loading and unloading.



Application Industry:

1. Furniture industry: large-area plate carving, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art petroglyph carving, solid wood carving, MDF paint-free door carving, kitchen window door carving. 2. Mould industry: Various moulds can be carved, wood mould, aviation wood mould, propeller, automobile foam mould, etc. 3. Advertising industry: acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, aluminum-plastic board engraving and cutting, all kinds of signs, breastplates, seat signs, copper, fonts, fonts, various signs, trademarks and other materials. 4. Crafts industry: gifts, decorations, wooden toys, metal reliefs and lettering of copper and aluminum 5. Musical instrument industry: engraving patterns and patterns. 6. Packaging industry: cutting and processing of plastic, wood, etc

Applicable materials:
Common engraving materials: aluminum, copper, two-color board, organic board (acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, MDF, Chevron board, ABS, aluminum-plastic board, copper clad board, resin board.

Detailed Images


1. Spindle
Powerful 12hp spindle can tackle hard materials without flinching. 7.5 kilowatt water-cooled spindle will stay accurate through years of production. Variable spindle speed, from 0 to 24,000 rpm.
2. Z Axis Handpiece
Z axis transmission handpiece adopt high precision aviation aluminum alloy T6061/6063, which are all made by high precision machining center.


3. Rack

XY axis by Taiwan Xinyue 1.25m precise gear rack, high hard material, large bearing capacity, tight mesh.
4. Controller
Upload your design to NK105 G3 handle controller with a USB drive. Sensor compensates for the change in tool lengths. That change might seem tiny, but it makes a huge difference to the finished product.


5. Reducer
Adopt Japan SHIMPO precision reducer, reduction ratio is 1:5, has the function of buffering, small volume, large torque, small noise, high transmission accuracy.
6. Inverter
7.5kw Delta inverter. It has the characteristics of light weight and quiet operation; in addition, the product uses a variety of protection technologies to significantly improve the anti-interference ability of the whole machine.


7. Calibrator
High precision auto tool calibrator. After be settled on your system once, can accurate presetting cutter, makes calibrating tool lengths easy and quick.
8. Valve
4 vacuum zones allow you to turn on the valve only for the area where you’re working. Arrange each zone’s vacuum seal into the shape of the material to provide well-distributed suction.


9. Tool Library
Cylinder push automatically change tools in just 8 seconds. You can program profile switches right into your design to save time and maintain precision during industrial production runs.
10. Lubricator
Automatic lubricator, there’s an oilcan and timing indicator, you can set the data for regularly lubricate screw and guide rail.


11. Table
Vacuum Table+T-slot Table:
Strong adsorption force reduces engraving error. Can absorb can clip, set multifunctional in one.
12. Dust Proof
Double dustproof structure, prevent debris from falling onto guide and rack, affect accuracy.

Technical Parameter Table

Machine Model SOFIA ATC M3000S
Working Area 1300*2500*200mm(customized)
Spindle 5.5/7.5kw Water cooling or 6/9kw Air cooling atc spindle
Working Table Vacuum+t-slot table(integrated suction and clamp)
Transmission System Taiwan Xinyue 1.25m helical gear+PMI linear guide rail+TBI ball screw(z axis)
Drive System Taiwan Delta 750W servo motor and driver+SHIMPO 1:5/1:10 reducer
Inverter HPMONT/Delta 7.5kw(optional)
Handpiece Aviation aluminum profile T6
Control System WEIHONG NK105G3 controller
Tool Library BT30 tool handle+4-8 tools are optional
Calibrator Automatic tool calibrator
Lubrication System Automatic lubricator
Electric Limit Switch Original Japon OMRON Limit Photoelectric Switch
Lathe Structure 150*250 mm Heavy duty pull net structure+forklift position
Whole Dimension 3400*2120*1650mm
Working Voltage AC380V/50-60HZ
Spindle Speed 0-24000rpm
Machine Weight 1800kg
Power 11kw
Resolution 0.01mm
Coupling Disc coupling
Machinable Materials PVC, acrylic, wood, mdf, etc.


Plastic film-1

1. Parts--Plastic film wrap
Confirm the model of parts and components with customers one by one, check and confirm, first of all, use plastic film packaging, do a good job of moisture-proof, anti-wear, anti-collision pretreatment.

pack 9

2. Machine--PE film
The whole machine is wrapped and wound by multi-layer plastic film, and wrapped by external tape to tighten the fixing effect. This work is carried out at low temperature to ensure that the machine’s working performance is not degraded during transit.

pack 10

3. Wooden case
The last item is packed in wooden cases. This is the usual way of packing for carving machine. The wooden case has good performance, which can protect the machine and reduce the impact loss.

Our Company



Shandong U-MAY CNC Technology CO., LTD. is located in Jinan, the spring city of China. The brand name on the market is UTECH, which is a new brand launched by the company since its construction in 2014. The main products of the company are CNC machine tools, laser engraving machines, plasma engraving machines, fiber laser marking machines, etc. Regarding products, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "Smart Solution, Better Tomorrow", aiming to provide the CNC engraving machines with high quality and excellent guarantee for the whole world.

In recent years, our company has followed the development of The Times and entered the transition period. By 2019, our carving machines are more actively sold to North America, the Middle East, Western Europe, southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions, and have a stable dealer agency in some regions.



Our Team




Customer Feedback


Our Service

Pre-sales Service
Ⅰ Inquiry and consulting support. 10 working days to produce the machine, meanwhile, we will report the production process in time.
Ⅱ Sample testing support.
Ⅲ View our Factory

After-sales Service
Ⅰ Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine by internet. 24 hours technical support by email, calling , if u have any problems, we will within 12 hours to solve it.
Ⅱ Some machine parts ( quality problems ) can be free charge to replace it within warranty.


1. How to guarantee the product to me? Is the purchase procedure complicated?
After you purchase SOFIA ATC CNC ROUTER, we will keep in touch with you. The specific delivery process is in accordance with international trade practices, you can rest assured. If there is any doubt on some matters, the two sides can negotiate and deal with it.

2. What should I do if the product is found defective upon receipt of the goods?
Under normal circumstances, we will make strict inspection and test before the product leaves the factory. Video inspection is allowed if conditions permit. If you have time, you can come to our factory for on-site inspection. We will mail the missing parts and components in time.

3. How is the product packaged?
Product packaging is divided into three layers. The outer box is made of wood craft box.In the middle, the machine is covered with foam to protect it from vibration. The inner layer is waterproof and moisture-proof with thickened plastic bags.

4. Why can you trust us?
Our products are of high quality. We import important parts and components from Taiwan, Japan, etc., and have a series of relevant certificates as the basic guarantee. The whole process of assembly and processing has a full range of monitoring.In addition, the after-sales treatment is quite rigorous, and we will have technical staff to answer questions online in time.

5. What kind of factory is it?
Our company belongs to typical industrial and trading a shape, a statement that it is very
important, because the factory can control the machine quality, and trade departments can correct fully introduce to the buyer, integrating two department, not only guarantee the product quality, and can do real-time docking factories and sales staff, saving problem to deal with the wait time for you.

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